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An Altar of Roses
IN STOCK NOW!!   About the Book An Altar of Roses is a collection of the memoirs of a young...
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The Mahdi and Islamic Messianism
About the Book The belief in an awaited saviour who will bring peace and justice to the whole world is...
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My Bedside Book Duas, Dhikrs and Etiquettes for Sleeping
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Progeny Islamic Publications Hardcover 48 pages.   This small booklet is a compilation of valuable information extracted from instructions and...
Rihanna's Dream - Mozaffar Salari
UNIQUE BESTSELLER! The Story of a Miracle Hāshem is a young man from a well-to-do Sunni family, who falls in...
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Morality - A Quranic Perspective- Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi
The realisation of perfection is a goal ingrained in every human’s primordial build (fitrah). However, the path to this perfection...
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Islamic Beliefs and Practices- Definitive Responses to 40 Salafi Objections
Islamic Beliefs and Practices answers some of the most common yet unfounded accusations that are levelled by Salafis against the...
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Islamic Governance- Sayyid Ali Khamenei
AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW   Islamic Governance: Governance of the Divinely-Sanctioned Social Order under Conditions of Religious Solidarity The four...
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The Shī‘a Imams in the words of Preeminent Sunni Scholarship
A New Case for the Rightfulness of the Claim to Leadership of the Twelve Shī‘a ImamsBy Masoud Emami Masoud Emami’s...
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Who are the Shia? Their true origins and beliefs.
Who are the Shī‘a? presents the creedal or fundamental beliefs of Shīʻa Islam while at the same time addressing many...
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